How to Conduct A/B Test on Adoric?

The cover of conducting an A/B test with an A/B icon and the Adoric logo

1. Log in to your Adoric account and navigate to the campaign editor.

2. Locate the campaign you wish to A/B test and click on the "Duplicate Variation" button.

choosing the Duplicate the selected variation on Adoric

3. Make the desired changes to the newly created variation, such as altering the button colors, text, animation, and background.

4. Assign a weight to each variation by adjusting the switch next to each campaign.

5. Once you have determined the desired exposure for each variation, publish the campaign.

6. To ensure all users see the same version, repeat steps 1-5 for the original campaign and adjust the weight of exposure for the desired variation.

7. Monitor the results of the A/B test and make adjustments as necessary.

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