How to Integrate OptiMonk with BigCommerce

The cover of OptiMonk and BigCommerce integration with their logos and 'How to Integrate' title

To integrate OptiMonk with the BigCommerce e-commerce platform, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your OptiMonk account and click on "Install OptiMonk" in the bottom left corner.

Install OptiMonk option among the options on OptiMonk

2. Click on "Copy" to copy the code.

3. Open a new webpage and log in to the admin page of your BigCommerce website.

4. From the left menu, select "Storefront" and then choose "Script Manager."

Script Manager section of BigCommerce dashboard

5. Click on "Create a Script."

6. Give your script a name and select the following options:

  • Location on page: Footer
  • Select pages where the script will be added: All pages
  • Script category: Essential
  • Script type: Script
The options for the script of BigCommerce for the integration with OptiMonk

7. Paste the code you copied from your OptiMonk admin and click "Save" in the bottom right corner to save the new script.

You should see a message saying the script was created and will appear under "Installed Scripts."

Now, you're all set!

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