How to Integrate OptiMonk with Webhook

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To integrate your OptiMonk campaigns with Webhook, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to your OptiMonk account.

2. On the left menu, select Campaigns and choose the campaign you want to connect to Webhook.

3. Click on Edit settings on the right side of the page.

Editting settings through on-exit intent on colorful background

4. Under "Where would you like to send the subscribers and campaign data?", click on Add new integration.

Adding new integration on colorful background

5. Select Webhook from the list of available integrations.

6. Enter the name of the integration and the URL of the PHP sample page ( in the URL field. Click Next to save the changes.

7. Map the fields between your OptiMonk campaign and Webhook.

Filling the field mapping blanks and choosing 'Done' on colorful background

For each input field on your OptiMonk campaign, you can assign a field in Webhook.

Once you have linked the corresponding fields, the data from your OptiMonk campaign will be transferred to the appropriate place in Webhook.

8. Click Done and then Next to finalize the changes.

9. Test the integration by completing a popup form for this campaign on your website.

Ensure you are triggering the campaign that you updated with the Webhook integration.

10. Check if the data has arrived in Webhook by looking for logs on your Webhook page. There should be as many logs as there are pages in your campaign.

If you want to send more data than what is sent by default, you can use incoming Webhooks to get real-time updates.

Please note that

To use the Webhook integration, you must code your webpage. If you do not have a developer, you can use Zapier instead, which does not require any coding knowledge to set up. 

When using Webhook, there is no need to add any extra markings. Simply provide the subject's name in the input field within OptiMonk. 

However, Webhook cannot handle delayed data sending, so if you want to display a multi-signup popup with email and phone input on different pages, you may encounter an integration error in the OptiMonk admin.

In this case, it is recommended to have email and phone input on the same page in your popup.

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