How Do I Set Up and Run a Variant A/B Test on OptiMonk?

The cover of setting up and running a variant A/B test with related icon and the OptiMonk logo

To perform a Variant A/B test, also known as split testing, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your OptiMonk account at and select Campaigns from the left menu.

2. Choose the campaign you want to use for the A/B test.

3. Click on Add new variant to create at least two versions of your campaign.

Adding new variant on the OptiMonk dashboard

4. Activate the new variant by clicking on the red toggle.

5. Edit the design of the different variants by clicking on their name.

We recommend changing the elements of the popup in the following order: headline, subheading, button text, data asked, background, image, colors, and other texts and descriptions.

To determine the best-performing variant, change one element at a time and test it before moving on to the next element.

Variant A/B testing is a useful way to fine-tune your design and message to achieve the best possible results. It allows you to show different versions of the same campaign to different segments of website visitors and compare which variant drives more conversions.

We recommend not making too many changes at once so that you can determine why each variant is performing better or worse than the others.

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