How to Set Up OptiMonk to Use Embedded Content on My Site?

The cover of setting up OptiMonk to use embedded content on one's site with a related icon and the OptiMonk logo

In order to set up OptiMonk to use Embedded Content on your website, it is important to follow certain criteria to ensure fast loading.

The OptiMonk code must be inserted into the head section of your website for optimal performance.

If you have already added OptiMonk as an App Extension to your Shopify store or have inserted the code into the head section of your site, this does not apply to you.

For Shopify users, it is necessary to use OptiMonk as a Shopify App extension to be able to utilize Embedded Content.

If you have previously added OptiMonk through a CMS plugin, such as Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, or another eCommerce platform, you will need to manually reinsert the OptiMonk code into the head section of your website.

If you have added the code manually in the past, you will need to make sure that it is reinserted into the head section of your site for Embedded Content to function properly.

Old Embedded Campaigns will continue to run even if you have reinserted the code.

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