How Can I Add Fonts to My Popup on Popupsmart?

The cover of how to add fonts to my popup on Popupsmart with the Popupsmart logo and font icon

To add custom fonts to your Popupsmart campaigns, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Text" section of the popup builder.

2. Click on the font dropdown menu in the "Style" section.

3. Select "More fonts" from the dropdown.

Choosing text input and More Fonts on the dashboard of Popupsmart

4. Search for the font you want to add or browse through the available options. Click on the fonts you want to add.

Choosing Google Fonts among the choices

5. When you are finished, click the "Close" button to return to the builder. The fonts you added will now be listed in the font dropdown menu.

6. If you want to use a custom font, you can do so by adding custom CSS to your campaign. In the "Appearance" section, go to the "Advanced" section and scroll down to the "Custom CSS" field.

.text-cn6bag91d1k0 {
font-family: "Roboto"
!important; }
Adding font with Custom CSS on the dashboard of Popupsmart

7. If you want to use a different element class, you can find it in the "Text" section. Simply replace the ".text-cn6bag91d1k0" with the correct element class.

8. Save your changes and publish your campaign. If you need to preview it before making it live, you can use the "Debug" or "Preview" modes.

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