How to Integrate Privy with

The cover of Privy and integration with their logos and 'How to Integrate' title

To integrate Privy with

1. Go to the Account dropdown menu at the top-right of your Privy dashboard and select Integrations from the dropdown menu.

2. Locate and select the option in the Available Integrations area.

3. Log in to and authorize the integration.

Authorizing the integration of Privy and on purple background

4. Once you authorize the integration, Privy will import your customers in the background.

It may take up to several days for a large customer set to be imported, but new customers will be synced almost immediately.

These synced customers will gain access to several custom fields, which can be used for display customization and segmentation/targeting.

Filling the field types on Privy dashboard for the integration

5. To reward members when they sign up for a campaign, navigate to Convert > All Campaigns, select the desired campaign, and go to the Follow-up tab in the campaign editor.

6. Select the Sync signups option, select from the Account dropdown menu, and choose to Sign up for an offer from the Activity dropdown menu. Save the changes.

To use data in campaigns for personalization or targeting, you can use merge tags or audience targeting rules. To use merge tags, type or paste the appropriate tag into your campaign content. To use audience targeting rules, go to the Targeting tab in the campaign editor and click Add rule. Select the appropriate field from the dropdown menu and enter the desired value. Save the changes.

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